The Relationship Legacy of the Obama Cult

(See also: Living with Divisiveness)

Cults, by their very nature, shatter the existing personal relationships of the members they ensnare.  The Obama cult is no different.

Obama has ruined more relationships than internet porn.  I believe that it is time that all the Obama-worshipers who abandoned their families, friends, and all reason to support Barack Obama should start their mea culpas.

I find it astounding that liberals so readily gave up lifelong relationships over a total stranger.  The followers of Obama exhibited cult-like adulation that makes the followers of Jim Jones look kindergartenish in comparison.

In 2008, I lost a friend of 28 years over Obama.  We had known for years that we differed politically; I am a Republican, he a Democrat.  It never mattered.  That is, until Obama came on the scene.

My former friend was utterly beguiled by Obama.  He claimed that it was about Bush; however, it boiled down to racism.  He wanted a black president at any cost.

The day it all ended was on my friend's birthday.

I flew to my friend's 50th birthday party at my own expense.  I was the only "old" friend who went through the trouble.  My friend is a hothead and an egomaniac, but he was my hothead egomaniacal friend.  His third wife and two young daughters had finally managed to settle him down.

Other attendees were people to whom or for whom he sold houses, and there were a couple of stragglers who I think were there for the free food.  The crowd was 100 percent black.

We went to our designated tables and waited on food to be served.  One of the guests and I chatted for a bit about work, and, when comfortable, he asked me what I thought about Obama.

I answered honestly, and all heads turned.  The room that had been comfortably warm suddenly went ice-cold.  Though my friend was in another area of the restaurant, word got to him quickly that there was a traitor in the midst.

I didn't think politics was appropriate for my friend's party, and I changed the subject.  However, the damage had been done.  My friend's attitude was different -- so much so that I didn't even stay for the cake-cutting.  I politely excused myself, went back to my hotel, and flew out on the next flight.

I checked my messages upon landing, and I was greeted with a phone call from my friend, where he asked why I ruined his party by talking politics.  I'm certain that he meant "the wrong politics."

I told him that one of his guests had brought up the subject of the election, or more specifically Obama, and I merely answered his question...truthfully.

At this point, the real issue came out.  My friend was upset that I didn't support Obama.  I asked him if Obama was more important to him than a friend of 28 years, the friend who had fought off five punks who attacked us at a gym while he ran to crank the car?

Did Obama replace the friend who had loaned him money ten years ago to help him start his business?  Did Obama replace the friend who had counseled him through his divorce?  Did Obama attend the birth of his two daughters or his wedding or his 50th birthday party?

Over the past four years, my friend has lost about everything.  His real estate business is defunct.  He has sold almost all his toys, including a classic car he had been refurbishing for about eight years.  He sold his motorcycles and pretty much has gone into survival mode.  He had been an investor in real estate, and he lost all his other properties.  And I'd be willing to bet he has even lost the dream house he had acquired years earlier.

I can only imagine what his feelings for Obama are now.

Like the followers of Jim Jones, many Obama followers are finally being made to drink their cyanide-laced Kool-Aid.  I wonder if people like my friend have changed their dogmatic stance on the stranger who convinced them to ruin amazing friendships and who caused major rifts in their families.

Obama has been bad not just for politics.  Obama has been bad for things that are much bigger than politics.  Maybe Obama's election loss will heal the nation in ways that mean much more.  What a legacy.

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