The Qualities Most Needed (and Most Lacking) in the Presidency

Humility and modesty.  Those are two of the notable and admirable traits of our country's first president.  In his book George Washington's Leadership Lessons, James C. Rees wrote: One of the most admirable aspects of Washington's character was his sense of humility, his self-effacement, his respectful deference to others. He was quick to decline credit and quicker to assign credit to others. He was often vocal about his personally perceived shortcomings and genuinely modest when receiving praise for efforts that even he had to acknowledge (often reluctantly) were meritorious. George Washington exhibited a "dignified modesty," a trait that is scarce and seemingly underrated "in today's celebrity-driven society."  Wrote Rees: George Washington was elected president twice with almost universal support, yet he never campaigned for the office. His colleagues and peers knew he was simply too modest to do so[.] ... To promote oneself, or to advertise one's talent,...(Read Full Article)