'The Policies That Caused the Mess in the First Place'

For the last four years, Democrats and their amen corner in the old media have been trying to lay all the blame for the financial crisis of 2008 on poor old George W. Bush.  They want folks to believe that that since the crisis happened on "his watch," that Bush's policies therefore caused the crisis. Since we're all about thinking here at American Thinker, that seems to be an example of the error known as post hoc ergo propter hoc -- "after this, therefore because of this."  However, in the "thinking" of your garden-variety progressive Democrat, the translation from the Latin is: "after Bush, therefore because of Bush." Back in the Olden Days, this kind of thinking was considered fallacious -- a failure in logic.  Even the old media understood.  But here's the deal: the crisis didn't happen only on Bush's watch; it also happened on the Democrats' watch.  That's because Democrats controlled both houses of Congress for the final two years of Bush's tenure....(Read Full Article)