The Only Mad Hatter in the Room

One symptom of madness is the tendency to view oneself as superhuman.  Superheroes believe that they should not have to run for re-election; after all, they are entitled to it.  They don't hold press conferences at which unvetted journalists are allowed to ask real questions.  Unlike truly great presidents who believe the American people have a rendez-vous with destiny, superheroes believe they have one.  They are so above it all that they don't have to prep for debates. They expect to win by default. The 20th century was replete with murderous leaders suffering from delusions of grandeur.  Mao: The Unknown Story (2005) by Jung Chang and Jon Halliday is an excellent account of one of these mad tyrants.  As the authors show, the Chinese people were merely pawns in Mao's schemes to gain power and enlarge it with the ultimate goal of world domination.  During the Great Leap Forward of the late 1950s, in which an estimated 45 million Chinese perished of...(Read Full Article)