The Obama Tapes That Can Bring Romney Victory

Elections are less likely to be decided by debates than by a handful of images engraved in voters' minds.  The possibility persists that President Obama might win this battle of images -- and thus the election -- by relentlessly depicting Mitt Romney as rich, out of touch, and uncaring, a caricature amplified by endless repetition of Romney's "47 percent" tape by the Obama campaign, with ample help from his devoted media. On September 25, for example, long after it was news, all three networks reported on how the damaging video simply won't go away (no doubt because they won't stop showing it).  They magnified its effect in various ways: showing Obama mocking Romney's comment in a speech, showing Romney being interrogated about it, and reporting that Obama ads about the video are being run in swing states as an excuse to show it yet again.  The media's brazenness reached a new level when, a mere hour after the October 3 debate, Nightline showed the video repeatedly, no...(Read Full Article)