The Media's Law of Silent Protests

If 150 members of the Tea Party protest at an Obama fundraiser and the press fail to report it, was the Tea Party ever really there? Back in April 2009, when the Tea Party was just a fledgling movement, the press barely took notice.  I sent out hundreds of press releases for that first Tea Party, and I recall only one local TV station showing up -- and that only at the very onset of the rally.  The seasoned reporter asked a few questions and conveniently departed before 1,000 protesters descended on Nancy Pelosi's office, delivering tea bags and asking for a town hall meeting. As most AT readers know, the press coverage those first few years was scant and slanted.  The Tea Party was consistently portrayed as racist, anti-government radicals who were mostly white, militant, gun-toting, Bible-slapping, knuckle-dragging, toothless mental midgets.  To bolster that fiction, the press disseminated -- almost universally -- unflattering pictures of Tea Partiers and quotes...(Read Full Article)