The Master Debater Part II

Wednesday the public got to see the president as I have always seen him -- a lazy, superficial thinker who is over his head as Chief Executive.   There were so many witty tweets and columns that our side of the aisle was kept laughing as the night wore on. "Mene mene tekel upharsin", tweeted the great Iowahawk, reminding readers of the words written by a mysterious hand that to the Biblical Daniel correctly signified the end of a king (Belshazzar) and his reign. I can't say the online equivalent of graffiti I'm seeing was written by so mysterious a hand, but the signs are just as clear to me that the media and Democratic dream that in the upcoming debates Obama will do much better than he did in the first debate is going to be dashed. (I'm not even going into the next debate which is between the brilliant Paul Ryan and Joe "Yes, we will raise your taxes by a trillion dollars" Biden.  In my opinion, he was badly beaten in 2008 by Sarah Palin and I can't imagine Ryan doing...(Read Full Article)