The Clear Moral Choice

After his drubbing in the first debate, Barack Obama finds himself on the receiving end of plenty of advice when it comes to the next one.  Jennifer Granholm (remember her?), the former governor of Michigan turned political commentator (though few know it, as she resides on Al Gore's Current TV), recently chimed in.  "This election involves a moral choice," she recently declared, adding that "[t]his is a choice about our national character." I have to chuckle whenever liberals want to talk in terms of morality.  I mean, after all, it was their party that lustily booed God on their convention floor.  Of course, this is in addition to their devotion to killing children in the womb; their removing prayer, the Commandments, and the Bible from the public arena; and their support of sexual immorality and the redefinition of marriage. Ironically, with the devotion they show, for many, liberalism has become a religion.  "Observing the basic divide in the American...(Read Full Article)