Sympathy for the 1%

The top 1% has a bad reputation, particularly on the left.  They are rich.  Some of them are beyond regular rich and have become super-rich.  And to make matters worse, these rich folks appear to be deficit-resistant -- everyone else is getting poorer, and they keep getting richer.  Even Obama can't seem to slow them down.  They are hoarding money while the masses have so little.  The resultant income inequality is one of our most wrenching problems, according to the New York Times.  If only we could take baseball bats to those fat bank accounts and burst them like piñatas! Throughout most of human history, this might be a reasonable position.  The rich were small in number and lived very differently from the wretched masses.  In medieval times, for example, if you were a peasant, then you lived in a one- or two-room hut.  You had wood or straw floors.  Windows were a luxury.  Chairs were out of the question.  You sat...(Read Full Article)