Stalking the Undecided

Until recently I could not understand how anyone could still be undecided about who to vote for on November 6. I check the internet news sites several times a day; I keep up with blogs I trust; and I wear out the numbers on the remote of my favorite news channel. Well, the answer is very simple -- other people have lives! Where they get their news, and how frequently they keep up with it, makes a difference to their level of certainty. Unfortunately, this election is not one that lends itself to a last-minute brush-up on the candidates' positions. In order to truly appreciate this election, a voter would have to have been paying attention, and very rapt attention at that, for the last four years. I achieved this revelation after I started a modest Facebook campaign of posting neutral but patriotic quotes each day. I despised the partisan posts made by some of my friends, so I vowed I would do my best to avoid the cringe factor when mine showed up on their news feeds. Initially, this...(Read Full Article)