Spotlighting Obama's Foreign Policy Failures

During October 22's foreign policy debate, Governor Romney must spotlight President Obama's dismal failure on this issue.  American Thinker interviewed some experts for their opinions on what information the governor should be prepped with for this debate, including using the Obama administration's own words against the president. Mike Gallagher, a conservative talk show host and author of the book 50 Things Liberals Love to Hate, is looking forward to this debate since "[i]t is Governor Romney's to win.  I am clueless on how President Obama is going to respond.  You can go down the list on all the inconsistencies and bumps in the road." Here are a few issues the governor should think about: A recent Zogby poll showed America to be less popular in the Arab world than before Obama took office.  In Egypt, 30% viewed America favorably before 2008, compared to 5% today.  Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), a Republican Senate candidate, says the 2009 Cairo speech "upset the...(Read Full Article)