Shut Up or Die, the Muslim Protesters Explained

Would liberals support censorship in response to wife-beaters, skinheads, abortion-clinic bombers, gay-bashers, or any other violent group?  Then why do they support censorship in response to terrorists? It appears that some liberals want to offer Muslim extremists the benefit of voluntary, self-imposed censorship.  Few violent groups in America -- or on earth, for that matter -- get such tender treatment.  If the left responded to the above-mentioned groups the same way they respond to terrorists, here's how it would sound: โ— Victims of wife beaters -- You can avoid abuse if you just shut up.  Don't incite your spouse or boyfriend.  Respect his volatile emotions. โ— Victims of violent skinheads -- You shouldn't have gone outside; your presence incites those people.  Consider the skinhead's perspective, and respect his deeply held racial views. โ— Victims of abortion-clinic bombers -- You shouldn't be arguing for abortion so loudly.  Quiet down...(Read Full Article)