Should Obama Win if He Creates Jobs?

One unintended danger of the Romney campaign's focus on the worthy goal of job-creation is that such a focus can obscure more fundamental matters of principle. Specifically, it permits the detachment of job numbers from underlying moral issues to the extent that the debate between freedom and socialism is reduced to the question of which "system" is the more effective job producer. Statistical matters should never take precedence over issues of right and wrong.  Socialism would be wrong even if it resulted in full employment. I happened to be sitting at a departure gate at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport when the infamous October unemployment rate (7.8%) was released. Needless to say, that meant I learned about the rate from CNN. Oh, how the morning talking heads revelled in their triumph. All pretense of objectivity was cast to the wind. This number, they beamed, would obliterate the memory and effect of Romney's trouncing of Obama in their first debate two days earlier. This number,...(Read Full Article)