Self-Persecuting Christians

After church a few months back, a friend told me he was headed out to Brooklyn to march in a protest by inner-city Christians who were no longer able to meet in their local school.  The borough council had deemed it improper for a faith-based group to assemble on government property.  I couldn't help but think that the folks protesting had voted these Democrat bureaucrats into office by a huge margin, and, come election day, by an equally huge margin these same people will vote them in again. In a country like America, we actually do get the government we deserve.  And if pulling the lever for the Dems is "tradition" in your family -- and that supersedes religious beliefs -- well, then "good luck with that." Contrary to what Obama let slip out in the run-up to the election of 2008, that some folks "cling to their guns and religion," voting trends indicates that most of them are like those with no God-affiliation at all: they cling to their party affiliation.  (If...(Read Full Article)