Romney's Going to Win

After viewing Wednesday's presidential debate, I continue to strongly disagree with the polls and with the conservative crowd who assume that this election is far from over. The election's been over for a while -- only not in favor of the current president, which has been the meme of the mainstream media for months now. Obama is toast, so Mr. Romney, sir, let me be the first to call you, in print, "Mr. President."  Remember that when you get my application for a communications job in your administration. Wednesday's debate revealed that Obama isn't the greatest orator of modern times, as he so arrogantly believes and as many dubbed him.  He was defensive, hesitant, and ill at ease, and he spent most of the evening mouthing one lie after another about his record and Romney's proposals. I wasn't surprised.  Obama's the equivalent of a basketball player who has a "sweet spot" on the court where he's virtually unstoppable.  The best example is Kareem Abdul Jabbar and...(Read Full Article)