Romney's Edge

Last week, before all the world to see, the president of the United States was subjected to one of the most embarrassing spectacles in recent political history.  Never before in his brief but mercurial political career has Barack Obama faced an opponent willing to look him directly in the eye and expose the hollowness of the past four years and his bankrupt incumbency. According to Nielsen, 67 million people watched what turned out to be more a scolding than a debate.  The president, minus a teleprompter and an adoring youthful crowd chanting "yeah, yeah," "right on," "you know that too," was perplexed at the onslaught of facts thrown at him by his Republican adversary, Mitt Romney. As several commentators -- many of them Democratic -- observed, if this had been a Little League game, the 15-run rule would have been invoked and the game ended.  Instead, on and on it went.  To the vexation of his most ardent supporters such as Wolf Blitzer at CNN and...(Read Full Article)