Romney Won by Focusing on the Big Picture

President Obama was well-coached in the final Presidential debate; he came across as an articulate, aggressive debater, but he was trying too hard to dominate and came across as condescending and petty as he repeatedly attacked Romney with a "gotcha" smirk and interrupted often in ways that were all too reminiscent of Joe Biden in the Vice Presidential debate.  As the incumbent, the President had the advantage in the final debate that focused on foreign affairs. He obviously wanted to reverse the momentum that Romney has enjoyed since the first debate.  His debate strategy, while masterful in its command of details -- even when distorted and inaccurate -- failed about as badly as his policies have failed over the past four years.  Mr. Romney came across as Presidential and well-informed. He was sober, serious, relaxed and well-informed. In contrast, Mr. Obama was intense, aggressive, defensive and desperate; he made accusations so petty that Romney didn't even bother to...(Read Full Article)