Romney Rescues GOP Battle for the Senate

The political landscape has dramatically changed in just thirty days.  Barack Obama had the momentum.  His attacks on Mitt Romney were clearly taking a toll, and the president was also outspending Romney to drive the negative messages home.  The assaults suggested that Romney was both unqualified and unfit to be the president, a disconnected, "rich" elitist who could not relate to the average American nor cared about them.  The Obama smear campaign was working; Romney's support was waning.  The advantages enjoyed by Republican Senate candidates in a number of critical contests began to suffer.  The movement against Romney transferred into many Senate contests.  Senate races that appeared headed for victory lost steam; Wisconsin, Connecticut, Montana, and Nevada all suffered dwindling ratings in the polls. Then everything changed.  On October 3, during the first presidential debate, Romney routed Obama in a startling and decisive manner. ...(Read Full Article)