Remember Nick Berg?

The rapidly evolving Libya scandal provides yet more opportunity for extraordinary pro-Obama media bias.  To appreciate the staggering level of bias, just ask yourself a simple question: what if this were George W. Bush? Yes, end of argument. But I recently had a unique thought that connects the two -- that is, the media's protection of Obama on the Middle East vs. the media's evisceration of Bush on the Middle East.  It was kindled -- credit where credit is due -- by Rush Limbaugh.  Limbaugh pondered how the family of our slain Libyan ambassador, Chris Stevens, might be reacting to all of this.  Surely, Stevens' family is very upset right now -- and not just about his death.  They are probably deeply troubled by the Obama administration's apparently ignoring critical details that might have better protected Chris Stevens.  They are probably also bothered by the administration's terrible attempts to blame the whole mess not on clearly premeditated...(Read Full Article)