Real Leaders Don't Promote Dependency

While campaigning in Colorado on Sept. 2 en route to the Democratic National Convention, President Obama boasted: "You know, he [Romney] calls it ObamaCare. I like the name. I do care. I guess you call his plan 'Romney doesn't care.'"  As with all liberals vying for votes during the past 35 years, Mr. Obama is using the "caring" theme to persuade voters that he is more qualified to lead the country. But is the "I care more" claim a qualification for leadership, or is doing what is right and workable a better formula?  Better yet, should we as a country, founded on the unique morality of the Judeo-Christian ethos, knee-jerkily accept a platitude asserting the more we take from Peter to give to Paul the greater is our commitment to caring when, by so doing, we destroy the moral foundation of personal responsibility upon which the Judeo-Christian ethos is built? History has shown that self-aggrandizing feel-goodism showered top-down from the "caring class" is mere sentiment...(Read Full Article)