Pundits Worry about Conservatism. Again.

Apart from the chorus of people telling Mitt Romney how to run his campaign, last week spawned a lot of "What is Conservatism" musings. There is David Brooks mourning the good old days of his youth when conservatism included not just economic, but also traditional conservatives.  There is Jonah Goldberg celebrating our modern voluntary tribalism against the old non-voluntary tribalism and its neo-versions in Communism and fascism.  And then there is Mark Lilla in The New York Times Book Review chopping up Charles R. Kesler's philippic on Obama: I am The Change. I don't know where Brooks gets his idea that traditional conservatism had been driven out of the movement.  Not when people like Ken Blackwell are parsing the movement into social conservatives, Christian conservatives, Second Amendment conservatives, economic conservatives, philosophical conservatives, and national security conservatives. As for Lilla, who accuses modern conservatives of hyperventilation, there...(Read Full Article)