Prohibiting Cheerleaders the Free Exercise of Religion

The atheists have struck again.  Having discovered that a small group of cheerleaders in Kountze, Texas (pop. 2,100) were lettering Bible verses on football banners, the Freedom from Religion Foundation sprang into action.  It contacted the Kountze school authorities, presumably with threats of legal action if the religious expression was not banned. Now the controversy is headed for a court hearing.  The cheerleaders are accused of displaying a Bible verse on the sort of banner that is held up for a few seconds at the beginning of games before players crash through it.  This activity was apparently so upsetting that one person in Kountze tipped off the Freedom from Religion group, who appear to be intent on wiping out even the tiniest vestige of religious expression in America. This, of course, was not what our Founders intended by the First Amendment "church and state" clause.  What the clause prohibits is "the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the...(Read Full Article)