Osama Martyred, GM Dying, Al-Qaeda Alive

Among its top successes the Obama administration counts the death of Osama Bin Laden, saving GM and Chrysler, pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and passing ObamaCare and the stimulus. There were a handful of other minor accomplishments, but these four constitute the history-defining ones, and are the accomplishments touted by the Obama campaign. The problem with these accomplishments is; they were all moderate to abject failures, and three of them were initiated by Bush and ruined by Obama. Starting with Osama Bin Laden and the larger War on Terror: to everyone's relief, Obama has continued to prosecute it. It seems strange to say that people are relieved that the President did his job, but before taking office, there were many hints and whispers that Barack Obama sympathized with the terrorists. Unfortunately, those hints and whispers continue. From al-Qaeda's attack on Fort Hood to the assassination of our Libyan ambassador, Obama has refused or resisted labeling these incidents...(Read Full Article)