Obama's Rough Road Ahead

The October 3 debate ought to have been Obama's easiest to win.  Although the economy is in ghastly shape, Obama's Marxist-lite rhetoric panders to the envy and greed of millions of Americans.  The Democrat campaign bet heavily upon painting Romney as a rich investor with rich pals who has no idea how ordinary Americans live.  Blaming misery on the successful has been the Democrat playbook since FDR (despite the fact that FDR, JFK, Al Gore, and John Kerry were and are all multi-millionaires). Polls suggested that this ploy was working again.  It is not.  The debate showed just how indefensible the left, as the malefactor of great government wealth (to put a twist of Teddy Roosevelt's famous slogan), really is to ordinary people.  While there were reasons to hope that Romney could outperform Obama in this first debate -- Romney is much smarter than Obama; Romney has actually faced fighting opponents in many campaigns; and the promises of Obama in 2008 have...(Read Full Article)