Obama's Communist Cooperation Campaign Proceeds Apace

America's most prominent, dedicated communists support Barack Obama and are actively campaigning on his behalf.  If that sentence makes you uncomfortable, then you have two choices: continue reading and face your fear, or stop reading and get back to whatever activities you normally use to drown out disturbing thoughts. In an age of mass media disinformation and distraction, one expects the politically neutered majority to find the legitimate vocabulary of open political discussion -- freedom, communism, socialism, oppression -- uncomfortable and strange.  These words disturb their moral tranquility -- that sense of "no big deal" normalcy that allows them to carry on with everyday activities, unperturbed by the kinds of questions that make prime-time entertainment seem...well, like a waste of time. Unfortunately, many among the conservative establishment class share this reticence about using the correct words for things.  They are squeamish about direct talk, but,...(Read Full Article)