ObamaCare: The Kiss of Death

Obama Speech to Congress, September 9, 2009 Obama Lied: Health Care Died In 2009, Obama addressed a joint session of Congress to lay out his program for health care.  He unflinchingly told the assembled elected officials one whopper after another, amid a rising chorus of boos and loud grumbling.  It got to be too much for Congressman Joe Wilson, of South Carolina, who shouted, "You lie!" to the president as the latter was speaking.  Both political parties roundly condemned Wilson for his outburst.  He was called a racist, of course, among other things, and he later apologized for his indiscretion.  But Joe Wilson was right on the money. Obama lied to the American people when he said that under ObamaCare, the cost for health care would not go up.  He said that the middle class would not spend "a single dime" in increased taxes to pay for it, that ObamaCare would actually reduce the federal deficit by the cost savings it would create, that you could keep...(Read Full Article)