Obama Trolling for the Knucklehead Vote

Pundits have ridiculed the string of fluff television, radio, and magazine appearances that Barack Obama has been making the last few months.  They are wrong.  He has a strategy and is executing it well.  He is seeking and winning the votes of those Michelle Obama calls knuckleheads. Inside-the-Beltway journalists have decried Barack Obama's refusal to hold many press conferences.  His canned speeches and reliance on the teleprompter have provided them with precious few chances to score points among their colleagues for gotcha questions. Ah...just kidding. Most journalists would rather attack Mitt Romney like a pack of hyenas than ask the president any questions that may discomfort him.  Instead, Barack Obama sends out his hapless Press Secretary Jay Carney to field questions -- or people like Susan Rice to evade truthful answers regarding the murders of Americans in Libya, the march of the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Arab Spring going up in flames (along...(Read Full Article)