Obama's Going to Lose...but Not Because He's Black

The left is already beginning to point fingers at those they believe are responsible for what is shaping up to be a decisive rout in the making for President Obama and the Democrats on Election Day. The New York Times is among the first out of the blame gate, with an article by Matt Bai taking Bill Clinton to task.  Clinton, according to Bai, has foolishly steered the Obama campaign to switch its more promising strategy of attacking Mitt Romney as a serial flip-flopper (in the vein of John Kerry) to one striving to paint him as a mean, evil conservative, à la Ebenezer Scrooge. That strategy went kaput once Romney proved himself to be a decent, likeable guy in the first debate.  C'est la vie. Beating the Times to the punch, though, have been blacks who for years have insisted that any and all criticisms of Obama are based solely on nothing but the color of his skin -- the culmination of which occurred in the aftermath of his sorry-ass performance in the first debate against...(Read Full Article)