Obama Is Right

Obama has been telling the nation tales since his election.  In fact, his entire life has been one long story with him as writer, director, producer, and star -- you could call it "A Barack Obama Production." It's not that he hasn't told us stories; it's that the ones he has told bear little resemblance to reality. After all the suffering America has experienced while he was busy getting the "policy right," there is no one left who still believes in Barack's brilliance.  After watching him in two debates sans teleprompter, his reputation as humanity's greatest orator has evaporated along with his lead in the polls. From the 23 million Americans unemployed or underemployed and the 46 million people now on food stamps, to the decline in workforce participation and the explosion of people on disability, many now realize the fallacy of his reputedly deft decision-making skills.  His claim in the last debate of having created 5 million jobs rings hollow to an electorate...(Read Full Article)