Obama's Game Plan

Mitt Romney's performance in Wednesday's debate provided plenty of water-cooler talk around America, as Romney was rightfully credited with a landslide victory in the first of three debates.  A CNN poll immediately following the debate found some 67% of debate-watchers stating that Romney was the victor, and CBS News also scored Romney with a decisive victory.  Even some of Obama's biggest cheerleaders, such as James Carville and David Axelrod, spoke of his poor showing. So Romney won.  Now what?  One debate victory does not an election win.  However, Romney is likely to poll significantly higher with his debate performance, potentially capturing some of the  independent voters.   He may gain a few or perhaps more points nationally and maybe sport gains within some of the battleground states. What will the Obama game plan be now and in the final few weeks ahead of the election, as momentum is now clearly not on Obama's side? GUILT (47%) - The...(Read Full Article)