No Decency of Candor

Reading some political obituaries these days is a little like watching someone die twice -- a kind of tombstone ricochet.  The Christopher Stevens obit that appeared in the 12 September 2012 edition of the Washington Post is an example.  Anne Gearan's take is more about mythologizing a failed foreign policy than it is about an ambassador's life.  Hard to believe that facts would be spun in a death notice -- and yet, Ms. Gearan's take on the deceased gives a whole new dimension to metaphors like "spinning in the grave."  Start with the headline, which reads: "US ambassador to Libya dies at age 52."  If you read only the bold print you might believe that Mr. Stevens died from a bad oyster or Foggy Bottom flu.  In fact, the American representative was killed by Arab terrorists.  "Murdered" would be a more accurate word.  People "die" from natural causes, like old age or disease.  Getting killed by religious cowards is another variety of death...(Read Full Article)