NAACP Tries to Kill the Golden Goose

The last 75 years have seen remarkable civil rights progress.  As Jesse Jackson would put it, African-Americans have gone from the outhouse to the White House.  Foremost in this campaign has been the NAACP (and its closely aligned Legal Defense Fund).  Cataloging this progress might fill an entire library. But, successes acknowledged, like all successful, long-lived organizations, the NAACP faces what is sometimes called the March of Dimes problem (the March of Dimes once fought polio).  In a nutshell, what's an organization to do after it has accomplished nearly all of its goals?  (The March of Dimes turned to birth defects after helping conquer polio.) This is hardly easy, and finding a new cause to energize the troops and sustain donations can, alas, lead to ill-advised quests.  Unfortunately, this is exactly what now transpires in New York City, where the NAACP (along with multiple other civil rights organizations) has filed a complained with the U.S....(Read Full Article)