Madison Is Definitely Rising

When was the last time a member of a rock-and-roll band claimed that the defining issue that separates conservatives from liberals today is the virtue of gratitude? Putting a finger squarely on America's political and cultural pulse is a talent that comes naturally to ex-Navy corpsman and Madison Rising lead singer Dave Bray.  Regarding the issue of gratitude, Bray argues that "every other issue or opinion stems from that one fundamental belief: I'm owed vs. I owe." What's remarkable is that despite heavy entertainment industry odds, Bray, the band, and the band's brilliant support staff have managed to catapult Madison Rising's deeply inspirational music and Reaganesque message to the top of the music charts. In other words, Madison Rising may be a rock-and-roll band, but so far it has demonstrated the kind of talent and vision sufficient to illuminate America's most cherished conservative values in what may be her darkest hour.  In short, Madison Rising is helping to...(Read Full Article)