Living with Divisiveness

(See also: The Relationship Legacy of the Obama Cult) "Commie" Sean Penn and "troglodyte" Kid Rock have united to make a "public service film" titled Americans.  The ten-minute video ends with the two former foes riding bikes together as the message "Don't let politics divide us. Thinking differently... is what made this country great" appears on the screen. The film opens with Penn and Rock standing in a bar blasting each other with some pretty funny name-calling until they are interrupted.  First, a woman who waited years to become a U.S. citizen lambasts the two "spoiled" Americans for bickering over their political differences rather than appreciating their freedom, opportunity, and wealth.  Then a news report appears on the television announcing the death of 26 Marines in Afghanistan, marking the tragic milestone of 2,000 soldiers killed since the war began.  As Rock and Penn observe a moment of silence to honor the soldiers and their "ultimate sacrifice in...(Read Full Article)