Libertarianism, Absolutism, and Christianity

It may come as a surprise that libertarianism does not require one to hold liberal views on social issues.  By requiring only adherence to the non-aggression principle (NAP), the free market, and the institution of private property, the libertarian view allows for disagreements on, as President Obama might say, a whole host of issues -- including the hotly debated subjects of abortion, immigration, and same-sex marriage.  In short, there are several ways in which libertarianism and conservatism might be amenable to each other. It is my intention here, as a sort of conciliatory effort, to clear up some possible misapprehensions of libertarianism which may serve to lead conservatives to dismiss it as contrary to their purposes.  I will attempt to offer grounds for understanding and cooperation between the two worldviews by demonstrating (1) the way in which moral absolutism relates to libertarianism and (2) the importance of not simply religion, but Christianity in the...(Read Full Article)