Is Politics Important?

I was talking to my son the other day.  He's been under a lot of stress lately, and after listening to him vent for about 20 minutes, I thought a change of topic would help.  So in passing I asked him if he'd seen the Obama-Romney debate.  I didn't ask his opinion of it.  I didn't ask him to evaluate either man's performance.  I didn't make any comment at all beyond "Did you see it?" It didn't help. His comment really floored me, though.  He said that he was glad that I was interested and active in politics, but he said he didn't care about "all that political garbage" at all.  Since he lived in California, quoth he, unless you agreed 100% with Progressive-Democrats, politics was a waste of time. The very next day I ran into a younger fellow (almost everyone is becoming a younger fellow much faster than I'd like) who said he'd never voted for a president. What both my son and this other young man fail to realize is that politics is not a...(Read Full Article)