How the Liberal Media Ruined Obama

It's not an "Incumbent Curse," as MSNBC would call Obama's performance at Wednesday's first presidential debate.  It was not Obama's fear of coming across as the angry black man, as Michael Eric Dyson surmised, that prevented Obama from driving a strong debate on the issues with Mitt Romney.  And it was not that Mitt Romney has been practicing since June for the debates, per David Axelrod's analysis.  Nor was it a question of Obama losing the debate stylistically rather than substantively.  And certainly it was not that Mitt Romney was untruthful, thereby catching Obama off-guard.  The fact is that this Obama we saw Wednesday night and have endured for the last four years is a product of our liberal leftist media. Obama was not ready Wednesday, he has never been ready, and he will never be ready to be the leader this country needs, for he is the first president to have never been vetted. My own mother observed that "it's the media's fault that Obama lost the...(Read Full Article)