How Obama Won the Upcoming Debate

For seasoned political observers on both sides of the aisle, it is not particularly surprising that the media's narrative for Wednesday's presidential debate has already been written.  If Obama were to show up in a clown suit and flip-flops, the media narrative would be that his unconventional attire was a daring and brilliant move designed to challenge the status quo and to reveal his human side, or possibly a laudable effort to make politics more interesting to children.  Romney, of course, would be cast as the dull guy who dressed like an accountant and who failed to reach the audience with his talk of budgets and debt and restoring the private sector.  Wardrobe choices aside, by Thursday morning, as long as Obama shows up for the debate, the narrative will be that Obama has closed the deal with the electorate.  After that narrative is repeated enough, it stands a good chance of becoming reality. So the superficial answer to how Obama won the upcoming debate is...(Read Full Article)