How Does a President Quit?

What does a politician, deeply involved in a campaign, do if he wants to quit?  That may be the issue Barack Obama is dealing with.  A few months ago, everything looked rosy.  The Republican Party nominated the man he wanted to run against.  His popularity, though not as high as when first elected, pointed to an easy re-election.  Then matters turned: The economy weakened. Ethical and judgmental issues began to surface. Foreign policy turned disastrous. Mitt Romney was not Caspar Milquetoast. Politics is not croquet.  It is a one-on-one contest.  It can be brutal.  People try to earn a living by beating up on other people. Political debates are the equivalent of boxing matches.  Candidates vie for supremacy via verbal jousting.  Seventy million people witnessed the first debate.  It was an old-fashioned beat-down -- one man figuratively administering a thrashing to the other.  Obama was shown to be under-sized,...(Read Full Article)