Glorious Leader Gap

I could not help but notice that Donald Trump is offering to donate $5 million to one of Obama's favorite charities if only Obama releases a range of sensitive documents, including his undergraduate transcript from Occidental College.  I wish Trump would just give the money to me.  After all, I believe I have the personal experience and training needed to verify the gist of Trump's concerns: I can confirm that Obama is an affirmative action president. I observed that the young Obama had the IQ of an average white college student when I first met him over Christmas break in 1980.  Obama was then a sophomore at Oxy, and I was a graduate from there who was paying my dues as a political science graduate student at Cornell.  I met young Obama when I was in Portola Valley, CA,  reconnecting with my college-era Marxist sweetheart, Caroline Boss.  By then, Boss had shared two classes with young Obama, an international relations course taught by Larry Caldwell and...(Read Full Article)