Fourteen Critical Races Could Determine Our Future

A somewhat overlooked battle is raging in fourteen states which may determine the future of our country during the next four years.  The United States Senate's composition -- not just the presidency -- will be determined on November 6.  Simply stated, if the Republicans pick up a net of three Senate seats and Romney wins, Ryan, as vice president, will cast the deciding vote should a tie vote occur in the chamber.  Furthermore, a net of four Republican wins would capture a majority, ending the bifurcation of Congress and putting the party in a strong negotiating position should Obama win or in a substantial supporting role should Romney prevail. On the surface, a Republican majority in the 2012 election appears likely.  Democrats have to defend 21 seats, Republicans 10, and independents just 2.  The independents, Joe Lieberman of Connecticut and Bernie Sanders of Vermont, caucus with Democrats, giving Democrats a 53-to-47 majority.  Inside-the-Beltway...(Read Full Article)