Do We Want Mr. Nice Guy as President?

Watching the debate on Wednesday, I truly can't imagine Barack Obama having come off as the more likeable candidate.  Continuously glancing downwards, perhaps looking for inspiration (I glance upwards, myself), and often displaying an angry countenance, he seemed stiff, detached, and petulant.  In contrast, Mitt Romney appeared energetic, nimble-minded, affable, engaged, and engaging.  It was the Mind vs. the Unkind. Nonetheless, the left is still pushing the narrative of Mitt the Mean.  CNN disseminated a poll showing that only 46 percent of debate viewers thought Romney was likeable (of course, we have to consider the source), and the Democrat National Committee just cooked up an ad -- showing Romney interrupting moderator Jim Lehrer -- whose thrust is that the governor was pushy and bullying.  Let's understand, however, that as it was, Romney was given four fewer minutes to speak; if he'd been a "nicer" guy, it would have been ten.  This brings me to...(Read Full Article)