Democrats Changed, not America

Pessimists have already written the GOP's obituary at the presidential level. Has the American electorate undergone a fundamental transformation? If not (which is almost certain), the chances of Obama's re-election are exceedingly remote. Only three Democratic presidential candidates garnered greater than 50% of the popular vote in the 20th Century: FDR, LBJ and Carter. Carter only managed 50.1%. Leaving aside the unique circumstances behind FDR's victories and LBJ's sympathy vote after JFK's assassination, Obama's 52.9% victory in 2008 is a modern historical anomaly. Obama won only by fooling most voters. Lincoln explained why this is unlikely to succeed twice. Post-WWII Democratic presidents have an abysmal re-election record. Truman, LBJ, and Carter were unelectable after one full term. Even George H. W. Bush, after prosecuting a flawless war, was ejected for drifting too far left. America has long been a center-right nation in presidential elections. Only Clinton, aided by Perot's...(Read Full Article)