Dead Presidents and a Dying Economy

Within a year of the John F. Kennedy assassination -- the murder that conspiracy theorists still allege was committed by either the Central Intelligence Agency or Federal Bureau of Investigation or both -- a scheming group of government employees targeted another well-known and beloved American president.  Unlike the 1963 JFK assassination, where secrecy was paramount, these 1964 plotters, sensing no danger, ignored stealth, planned their actions in the open, and announced those plans to the public on May 24 of that year. Unthinkable?  Surely...but only if one believes that this plot involved the murder of a living president.  The plan hatched by U.S. Treasury employees was created not to assassinate a sitting president, but to change America's relationship with one who is already dead. Before May 24, 1964, when Americans saw the face of George Washington, our first president, on the one-dollar bill, they knew that that piece of paper could be exchanged for silver, a...(Read Full Article)