Checkpoint Scandal Would Catch Obama Off-Guard in Third Debate

The media's failure to provide fair and accurate coverage of President Obama's foreign policy has one unintended benefit for Mitt Romney.  It offers him the opportunity to spring a surprise on Obama during tonight's debate. The most troubling of Obama's foreign policy failures involve undermining allies while embracing enemies.  In one stunning yet virtually unnoticed example of this phenomenon, Obama pressured Israel into removing anti-terror checkpoints, resulting in the murders of Israel's citizens. "Checkpoint-gate" is potentially more devastating to Obama than other scandals in which lives were lost -- the Benghazi consulate attack and the Fast and Furious debacle -- because it involved something more grievous than negligence or obliviousness.  In this case, Obama used his formidable leverage as leader of the world's top superpower to insist on the removal of an ally's security. As Reuters reported in June 2009, "Israel lifted restrictions at two checkpoints in the...(Read Full Article)