Celebrity Fetal Bumps

Mary Rose's clothes were hung in her closet and folded in her drawers.  The baby items we had packed away after the birth of our son years earlier were out and ready for use.  I had a scheduled c-section and looked forward to enjoying one last weekend with my son and husband before the birth of our daughter. She died five days before my scheduled c-section. Devastated by the news, we realized we had to quickly plan a funeral for our loved and anxiously awaited...fetus.  My daughter, Mary Rose, who was dressed in a white and pink newborn outfit with a pink hat, wrapped in a pink knitted blanket, and held by several members of my family, was not a person at all, according to the State of Michigan* -- she was a "fetal death."  The daughter whom we had a funeral for, whom we buried and received a bill from the funeral home for -- our precious fetus. Even though we knew she was a person, the lurking feeling of irritation that surrounded the words "fetal death"...(Read Full Article)