Can an Imaginary Man Debate?

Put yourself at one of the initial meetings between Mitt Romney and his advisers prior to preparing for the debates.  At some point during the discussion, a member of his staff may have said, "How do you debate a fairytale, a myth, a fiction, a make-believe person created by the media...and Obama himself?" Another member may have raised a similar concern with the query, "Even if we win, how do we deal with a media that will trumpet Obama as the true victor?  Because they not only created the fantasy; they have diligently protected it for almost four years." Their conclusion may well have been: "We must overwhelmingly defeat Obama to succeed and to blunt the predictable post-debate media let's focus on that as our goal." A realistic appraisal of Obama and his track record would have included personal traits: his penchant for windy, empty rhetoric; his ridiculous straw-man arguments; his dislike of being contradicted; his thin skin; his arrogant conviction that...(Read Full Article)