Button-Pushing for Romney

The outcome of the election, and perhaps the fate of our country, will probably be determined by a word most of you have never heard -- velleity. Velleity is a desire that is too feeble to generate any action.  It is the antonym of activism.  Its sources are self-interest, laziness, distraction, and procrastination [1]. It is a form of human frailty that is exemplified by the "button test."  Imagine that you show people a little black box and convince them that by pressing the button on that box, they will save the life of a starving child in Africa.  Everyone will enthusiastically press that button, then and there.  But if they have to go outside and down to the street corner to press it, some will do so, but the rest will promise to do it later and then forget.  If they have to go on an hour-long bus ride to press the button, you'll be lucky if one percent actually make the journey. But most of the ninety-nine percent will feel a twinge of guilt about...(Read Full Article)