Building That: Poland vs. Obama

President Obama's lecture on how "you didn't build that" still rankles hardworking business owners and entrepreneurs.  Offered for your consideration is an international example of people building their dream business in a country that in its recent past said that not only didn't you build that, but you don't even own it. The country is Poland, and the company is Arrinera Automotive.  As you'll read, it's evident that Obama's comment would sound just as ignorant in Warsaw as it did here.  My e-mail question-and-answer interview with Arrinera's CEO Łukasz Tomkiewicz illustrates how Poland's free-market economy allowed him to pursue his lifelong passion of building a supercar.  And like millions of American business owners, he doesn't buy "you didn't build that" either. Established in 2008, Arrinera is a Basque and Italian derivation that translates to "truly streamlined."  Their mid-engine Hussarya is a name that refers to Poland's powerful 17th-century Hussar...(Read Full Article)