Big Bird, Liberalism, and Perversion

Fifty years of clinical observation have taught me the unwillingness of many to relinquish childhood dreams of perfect bliss.  Utopia seems to be the goal for many from their first frustrated cries following ejection from the womb. The outraged reaction by liberalism's defenders to Gov. Romney's jocular threat to take away Big Bird's government subsidy shows that he touched a nerve.  The screaming and caterwauling, the marches announced to defend the puppet, reveal some important truths about contemporary liberalism and its adherents.  Gov. Romney in one witty comment suggested that it is time to grow up, to relinquish the utopian fantasy of a blissful androgynous childhood free of conflict.  In one comment, he leveled a blast at the feminized metrosexual culture of contemporary liberalism.  He went on to link his opponent to childhood, by likening him to his own boys when they were young, a time when wishes often prevail over reality. No wonder liberals...(Read Full Article)